Striata Reader

Striata Reader 2.9

Opens and displays EMC files

View the content of the encrypted emails received through the Striata Communications interface. Works with EMC and PDF files. Your Striata credentials will be necessary to remove the encryption from the files.

Striata Reader is a small application that was created by Striata Communication Solutions to allow people to open and read secure EMC files encrypted using with Striata software. These files are meant to be sent through mail as secure attachments, protected by high-end algorithms and some kind of password.

Therefore, readers other than Striata’s will not be able to open any of these files. The program itself is very small, weighing less that one megabyte. As soon as you install it, all files with that extension are opened by Striata Reader. It is as simple as that - the files carry a pass phrase that you can use in order to ensure that they cannot be opened by just anyone with this reader installed.

The main issue with the reader is that it does not install a managing tool, or even an uninstaller button. For everything that counts, the application is perfectly functional, but you cannot see any hint about it being there unless you open a file.

There is really not much choice here - if you have an EMC file that you need to read, then Striata Reader is basically your only option.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Quick in opening encrypted EMC files


  • No configuration interface available
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